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Now available at Bobbys Restaurant

COOK with LOVE by Enna Lakhani

Now available at Bobbys Restaurant

Cook With Love Book by Enna Lakhani

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Delectable Dishes at Our Restaurant

Indulge in delicious dishes from our comprehensive menu. At our restaurant, you are spoiled for choice with the choice of vegetarian Indian food that we provide as part of our dine-in or takeaway options.

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Satisfy Those Cravings at Our Sweet Shop


Treat yourself to sugary delicacies from our sweet shop. After you have dined with us, there is sure to still be some room left to try our vast selection of sweets and little luxuries that glisten with syrup.

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Indian Food Served Specially for Your Event

Fully satisfy your guests’ taste buds with the authentic flavours of our vegetarian dishes. Helping you to plan your event, we offer Indian food of the finest quality as part of our catering service.

Catering Service

Contact our Indian restaurant / Takeaway  in Leicester, Leicestershire, for a full range of tasty vegetarian Indian food.


Situated in the heart of Leicester’s iconic Golden Mile, Bobby’s has become something of a vegetarian culinary institution. We welcome you to join us on a gastronomic journey through the Indian subcontinent from mouth-watering street food to traditional Gujarati thalis, providing delights for all.

There is a wealth of history hidden within the walls of this restaurant. Based on the core values of quality, authenticity, and affordability, Bhagwanjibhai & Manglaben Lakhani first opened the doors on St Valentine’s Day 1976, aptly named after their favourite Bollywood movie of the era. This was one of the first vegetarian Indian restaurants of its kind in the UK. We are very proud of our pioneering founders, and now the second-generation boldly step forwards with a new-age design, continuing to push culinary boundaries and honour the legacy. 

Expanding the vast vegetarian menu to appeal to recent market trends, we now have an unrivalled array of vegan and gluten-free options. Whatever the occasion, we implore you to absorb, enjoy, entertain and relax in our unique, modern and atmospheric restaurant.. If we can do anything to make your experience notable, please see a member of our Bobby’s team.

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