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We are recognised in the Leicester area for vegetarian Indian food of the finest quality. Get in touch with us today to book a table or enquire about our handy catering services.

indian food

Our History

The forced exodus of Indians from Uganda to Leicester in 1972 included the founders of Bobby’s, Mr Bhagwanjibhai and Mrs Manglaben Lakhani. Mr Lakhani, with his innate flair for business, recognised both his wife’s considerable talents in the kitchen and the need for an authentic, pure vegetarian Gujarati dining experience for the newly established Indian community in Leicester.

Based on the core values of authenticity, affordability, and quality, Mr and Mrs Lakhani opened the doors of Bobby’s - aptly named after Mr Lakhani’s favourite Bollywood film of the era - on St Valentine’s Day in 1976, creating an atmosphere in which tradition, food, and love could all coexist. At Bobby’s, we continue, even after all these years, to maintain these values as a tribute to both our founders and our customers.

We take pride in our status as the best Indian restaurant in Leicester. Above all, we are passionate about vegetarian food, faithful to our founding values, and committed to the community we serve.

A Taste of India

Our mouth-watering dishes will take your taste buds on a sensual journey into the Indian subcontinent, tickling your palate with top-quality Gujarati pure vegetarian cuisine. With our wide-ranging menu that features farsan and fusion, pau bhaji and paneer as well as traditional Gujarati thali cuisine, you can count on an unforgettable culinary experience with ingredients of the finest quality.

indian restaurant
indian food

Satisfy Your Sweet Tooth

When you fancy something a little sweeter, try our traditional Indian sweets. They truly deserve their reputation as the best in Leicester, and a visit to our famous sweet shop is an ideal chance to pick up a colourful box full of our delicious treats.

Setting the Bar High

The creation of Bobby’s restaurant in Leicester was a response to a clear gap in the market. There was a real need for a first-class dining experience with the great-tasting, authentic flavours of traditional Gujarati vegetarian food. The very spirit of Bobby’s is based on these founding principles, combined with our steadfast belief in providing a family-friendly environment with nothing but the best quality food.

These principles are instantly recognisable at Bobby’s, and this has contributed greatly to our reputation as one of the
must-visit Indian restaurants both locally and nationally. Looking for the best curry in Leicester? Look no further than Bobby’s for a dining experience you won’t forget in a hurry.

indian restaurant

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