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“Saluted by a Major Institution”

“Mr Lakhani is once again being saluted by a major institution. Asda’s™ owners Walmart™ being one of the world’s biggest firms”

Leicester Mercury

“Maintains Strong Principles around Vegetarianism”

“Now nationally renowned for its vegetarian fare, Bobby’s first opened in 1976 and was the first Indian vegetarian restaurant of its kind. Still run by the same family, it maintains its strong principles around vegetarianism and the use of fresh ingredients”

from the BBC™ Children in Need Appeal Recipe Book

indian restaurant
indian food

“The City’s Oldest Vegetarian Restaurant”

“Bon appetite. A legend for more than 20 years and the city’s oldest vegetarian restaurant”


“Serving Some of the Best Indian Vegetarian Food”

“The likely pick of the bunch is Bobby’s, serving some of the best Indian vegetarian food in the Midlands”

The Guardian

“In the Leicester Mercury 125-Year Hardback Periodical”

“What do Gary Lineker, Richard and David Attenborough, Engelbert Humperdinck, and Bobby’s have in common? Well, they are all in the Leicester Mercury’s 125-year hardback periodical that commemorates famous sons of Leicester”

Tandoori Magazine

indian restaurant

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